Tracking your Firebase hosting bandwidth, & Firestore reference fields #AskFirebase

Tracking your Firebase hosting bandwidth, & Firestore reference fields #AskFirebase

Welcome back to another episode of #AskFirebase! In this episode, Jen Person, and Abe Haskins (Firebase Developer Programs Engineer) discuss tracking Firebase Hosting bandwidth usage, and how to properly use Firestore reference fields. Watch to learn more about these topics, and be sure to check out the docs below for more info on Cloud Stackdriver Logging, and Monitoring.

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1:33 “#AskFirebase Is there a way to track Firebase Hosting bandwidth usage with more statistics than just total bandwidth? If not, what do you recommend for getting more detailed analytics and statistics?”

4:34 “#askfirebase what are Firestore reference fields for and how do you use them? I believe they’re some sort of foreign key which return the related object, but I can’t access the returned object’s fields…?”

18 thoughts on “Tracking your Firebase hosting bandwidth, & Firestore reference fields #AskFirebase

  1. Thanks for the explanation, but you MUST add an API option to populate the referenced fields on a query… That would be very very useful.

  2. #AskFirebase Hi, I've tried to use the reference fields but I don't see any different UI than for string fields. I'm I doing something wrong or is this something that is not available yet?

  3. #AskFirebase, because my ionic app with cloud firebase consumes more internet in the last 2 weeks, which could cause this problem?????

  4. #AskFirebase
    I want to sort post by specific user and order by timestamp DESCENDING

    Query firstQuery = firebaseFirestore.collection("Posts")
    .whereEqualTo("user_id", current_user_id)
    .orderBy("timestamp", Query.Direction.DESCENDING)


  5. #AskFirebase I know you can backup Firestore data with the cloud shell but when can we expect automatic backups with a U/I built into the Firestore console like with the Realtime Database? Thanks.

  6. #AskFirebase Would it be easy to update an existing database so it uses reference fields instead of strings ? Could it break something ?

  7. Can you actually query by a reference field with where()? If no, then we still need to store the "FK" as a string? #askfirebase

  8. #AskFirebase, when will we be able to use firestore data in Storage rules to create solid user access rights?

  9. Great Show! Thanks!
    Nice feature to be able to access a document in firestore typing its id. When will we be able to do it in Storage ? 😉

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