Turn Your Old Computer Into A Cloud NAS For Free! - FreeNAS 2020 Tutorial

Turn Your Old Computer Into A Cloud NAS For Free! – FreeNAS 2020 Tutorial

In today’s video, I will be showing you how to make your very own cloud for free! This is called a NAS and it stands for Network-attached storage. Meaning that if you don’t trust the large companies with your files you can now create your very own cloud using software called FreeNAS. If you have an old computer or laptop this will end up costing you absolutely nothing! You can run software like Plex and Samba shares on it too. Making your life a lot easier.


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30 thoughts on “Turn Your Old Computer Into A Cloud NAS For Free! – FreeNAS 2020 Tutorial

  1. Would repurposing an old desktop PC be cheaper than buying a Synology? I'm looking to run a Plex server with NAS Drives. Mostly direct play with maybe some remote viewing.

  2. I have tried, everything works fine until I want to copy things to my NAS. It won't let me copy any large files (like say 600 mb) and won't let me delete any files.

  3. The clearest video I've seen on this subject so far. Thank you!

    Hope you wouldn't mind answering a question…if I do this on a Desktop that has 2 Hard Drives, and one has Windows 10 installed, and say I wanted to boot to Windows 10 occasionally, will that be a problem? Meaning, does the FreeNAS install break Windows 10, and then when I boot back to FreeNAS, would it be broken then?

  4. First of all great video. I just wanted to know can I transfer files from any other computer using an internet connection or can I only transfer files to the NAS if it is on the same network?

  5. How would be automate creating separate instances on a server to split who can use certain servers through filezilla?

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