44 thoughts on “Tutorial – Self-Host WordPress on Google Cloud

  1. I am always searching for positive videos on youtube. Maximum videos are fake and those are played with viewer innocents. Thank you very much. This video and your commitments will help a lot that I believe.

  2. I just don't understand why you'd do this on someone else's server (Google cloud). For $200 you can buy a 4tb mirrored NAS with wordpress plugins as part of the software and give clients links and develop and collaborate on your own system and not incur hourly and monthly rates. You just pay once. And its yours, forever. Then scale that up, not your subscription.

  3. You mentioned that we can disregard the estimsted price on one of the pages. How much would a site like this cost?

  4. Great video, I should have searched for it before attempting to set up my WordPress project at the Google Cloud. I appear to have missed the step of setting the External IP addresses when setting up WordPress in my account. I set the DNS at my domain name registrar with what I thought were the correct DNS addresses that were displayed to me by Google, and now the domain cannot find the server. I do not appear to any longer have access to the Networking link in the LH menu at Google Cloud (Only the Network Services link). Do I need to now delete my project and start over again, or is there a way that I can somehow still set the external IP?

  5. very good tutorial, straight to the point and very well explained, just subscribed to your channel, FB and twitter without any hesitation.

  6. Thanks for the video, do you know how to update WP plugins? there is a security setting so we cannot update plugins directly by a single click like as other WP system do, we have to fill FTP credentials but how we can create a FTP account in GCP with username, password and host ?

  7. thankyou buddy … excellent … i was so mad about hosting, google has its long procedure i.e. flexible environment , but i have question that how can i access and edit the wordpress files like login.php or wp-admin using ssh

  8. Installed the wordpress, but I don't have /var/www/html directory when opening up the consol. What am I missing here?

  9. Hi!.Thank you for your great video tutorial. I did install WP on Google drive and it works fine, with one BIG problem I Can't install any WP Theme or plug in. I'm looking all over the net and can not find any help. It's a lot of help on WP installation on Google Cloud but NOTHING about how to instal WP Theme or plug-ins. Without it myGoogle Cloud is useless. Please help.

  10. does anyone know of a tutorial to connect my google domain to the web page created in this tutorial. I have a google domain, and a blank wordpress page, but cannot seem to get the two to link up.

  11. Hello Thought Sumo. My name is Charles. I enjoyed learning Google Cloud Platform from your video. Thank you for that. I have a few questions about my possible use of this service and thought that you might be able to help me. I am a high school teacher. I want to add a course teaching web sites powered by html5, php, and SQL to my students using Google Cloud Platform instead local installs of XAMPP or LAMP. My present dilemma is two fold, can I accomplish this using Google Cloud Platform, and if doable, how do I set up my students? You gave me an idea watching your video: would I simply need to set up instances for each students? Thank you for reading this.

  12. thank you so much , it is very interesting and helpfull tutorial i suggest to upload new video that teach us how to replace the ip adress to live website or domain name and how to import localhost wordpress conents to this site sothat we can migrate our localhost to it , if this problems solved it means two sides of the same coin hosting plus managing the website , next time thank you so much
    sincerely yours

  13. If you could create a video setting up SSH using putty, that would be very helpful. The new instance required SSH before you can open phpmyadmin.

  14. When I try to edit the footer.php, this comes up: You need to make this file writable before you can save your changes.

    I have read and watched several tutorials, but none of them teaches how to do that on Google cloud platform. Would be very happy if you can shine some lights. Thanks in advance

  15. Thanks for the great video. One thing I noticed is you used the Cloud Launcher and to me that is like a "One-Click WordPress Install" that you find on any web hosting service. Also, you left the default name "admin" after the install. Isn't "admin" the worst user name for WordPress installations?

  16. Brilliant tutorial, I have a wordpress site that I need to ftp up to my cloud, including the sql, how do I do this?

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