Ubuntu Server Essentials Part 14 - Hosting a Simple Web Page

Ubuntu Server Essentials Part 14 – Hosting a Simple Web Page

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22 thoughts on “Ubuntu Server Essentials Part 14 – Hosting a Simple Web Page

  1. When I tried to access Apache2 in my browser, I got "site can't be reached" message. After searching google, I found the answer. My Apache2 server did not automatically start when downloaded. I had to issue this command in the terminal "sudo service apache2 start" then I could connect. In this video, it appears yours loaded automatically. Is that true?

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  3. I know I'm being pedantic, and this video is almost two years old, but… your title tag should be inside a head tag.

  4. Great video. Is there a web editor that will allow you to build the page and tale the source code and past it into the html Ubuntu directory? I'm not a web designer as well but I'd like to make something for my home to display dinner menus and kids appointments

  5. thank you for clean & easy explanation.
    how can i map it with public ip? i want access this website outside of my network.

  6. how did you switch to a web browser? my ubuntu server does not have this option and is just a terminal. even if I install a browser I'm not sure where to open it. thanks

    edit: I had to mess with the settings of both virtualbox and my resolv config but It's up and running now

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