Understanding Web Hosting Jargon

Understanding Web Hosting Jargon

Fasthosts Techie Test competition is now closed! Learn more about Fasthosts here: | If you want a website then you will probably need some form of web-hosting. The problem is that web hosting comes in many shapes and sizes. Cutting through the jargon can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with the terms.

Introduction to Android app development:

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Note: The Tech Test and the competition to win tickets to South by Southwest are sponsored by Fasthosts.


33 thoughts on “Understanding Web Hosting Jargon

  1. Virtualisation is a great topic. Also emulation. So both stuff on vmware, Hyper-V etc. Also PCem, Dosbox, Sheepsaver etc.

  2. yes please… virtualization.. vs docker and might be into kubernets.. might not use it directly but good to learn something new 🙂 especially how to use the free tier from Google Clouds, AWS, or Azure for simple page hosting.

  3. In the world of cell phone unboxing videos about mega pixels and giga bytes, you're channel is truly like fresh air of real geeky stuff, thanks for this.

  4. I know I will not win because Am not from UK, heck, I am still going to join, because, I love watching your videos. It's entertaining & educational. VPS – Virtual Private Server. 🇵🇭

  5. I used to run a hosting brand. VPS = Virtual Private Server, VDS = Virtual Dedicated Server, Dedi/Dedicated server = a server you rent from a hosting brand or datacenter/datacentre. Shared Hosting is self describing/explanatory.

  6. I'm really interested in a Virtual machine explanation video , especially from a resource standpoint , ie: if i have a computer with 2 network cards how can I assign a network adapter for each of the 2 VMs

  7. Professor Gary is now a magician too? 😄 Virtual Private Server is the answer to the question. We get a competition in the UK (for once), yay!

  8. Hey Gary! U know After watching your videos and listening to your informational stuff I've to adjust the playback speeds to 1.5x while watching videos on other channels. I find others too slow now 😀

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