11 thoughts on “Upload Hosting Laravel 5

  1. Gan bisa buat lagi untuk versi terbarunya ? karena idhostinger sekarang sudah pakai FileZilla g pakai File manajer 2

  2. maaf mas kalau bikin tutorial yang jelas dan dipahami betul baru direkaman maaf ini cuma saran supaya insyaAllah tambah lebih mantap…….

  3. Hey bro, Thanks a lot. Didn't understand your language but followed the steps you showed and succeded. Thanks a lot! It will be better if you make such videos in English.

  4. Hello i dont speak your languaje but i have this error: View [auth.login] not found can you help me please? i have de version 5.2

  5. Terima Kasih banyak. Tutorial yang sangat mendetail. Sukses Terus Gan. Dinantikan video tutorial lain nya untuk laravel. 🙂

  6. Thank you! Although I don't understand what did you say and write down, but follow these steps of you, I was succeeded :)) nice video …

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