Uploading files to GCS

Uploading files to GCS

Before you can use the power of “the cloud” to serve your content, you have to get your data INTO it. In this episode of Cloud Storage Bytes, we talk about all the ways you can upload data, so buckle up, because we’re heading to the cloud!

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8 thoughts on “Uploading files to GCS

  1. what if i have my files on google drive? how can itransfer them to cloud storage withiut re-uploading

  2. I want to upload data but I want to control my data. For me does not matter if google's CEO lie saying that I control my data while I can read the Google terms of service, and Google will hand out my data based on local government rules. So my question is direct. How can encrypt my data in the cloud with my own cryptographic keys and get plausible deniability?

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