21 thoughts on “Using Nginx to Host Multiple Websites on One Server

  1. I spent 3 hours trying to figure out why it wouldn't load. I watch 10 minutes of your video and it works!

  2. thanks for the video, i got stuck at the index part in the server context. my node app serves html using handlebars, so i don't actually have a default html page. what should i do then?

  3. Great video!
    Just wanted to know, can we dynamically set nginx config ?
    I'm wondering how websites such as webflow can let user spin up wild card domains such as user.webflow.com dynamically (with SSL) and also let them point user.webflow.com to their personal domain names such as www.example.com. The website does these all dynamically . Can anyone say how it is done?

  4. You are not hosting two apps you are just hosting two static html files thats different and thats not the approach for running multiple websites with different nodejs apps.

  5. Normally I wouldn't put a thumbs down on a video because these videos take effort and regardless of the content they are much appreciated. However, when the first file you go into is already in your editor and you don't explain where that file lives so WE can bring it up as well is just plain annoying.

  6. Nice video! Does Nginx allow hosts to have root privilege across all the websites? For example, In my b2b software company, I need to be able to give clients basic front-end controls over their websites, but want to be able to auto-update our software that interfaces with each site, so we don't have to go into each client's website to make those updates? If anyone has an answer to this, I would be super appreciative.

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