8 thoughts on “Using Qbox to share QuickBooks Desktop file with accountant or work remotely

  1. I'm using QB Desktop Enterprise 2018. I will soon have 2 offices with multiple QB users in each office. So thinking of subscribing to Qbox. So if I'm using multi user mode on one end and several users are working on the file, it will only sync to Qbox when every user has logged off? So subscribing to Qbox should not affect or remove the multi user functionality of my system? Is my understanding correct? Thanks!

  2. I am having issues since using Qbox. Everytime I open my QB file using Qbox, my QB opens minimized and locks my QB.

  3. Excellent video! Thank you! We just signed up for Qbox and everyone was stumped on how to use it. I sent a link to your video to everyone in the office.

  4. Thanks for the video Hector…..I have quickbooks Pro which allows me to install the same license on two computers. Using Qbox, Do I still need to buy two quickbook licenses if I have quickbooks on my desktop and my laptop?….Thanks

  5. Hi hector…. first off thank you so much for all of your videos you post, I have been using them to guide our company into running QuickBooks (moving from Sage)… I especially loved the aged stock report video – we use that a lot!

    we have a company in the UK and a company in the US… at the moment we use Right Networks to access our company file so that we can all use QuickBooks in a multi user environment

    but….. I keep getting asked whether we can host our own file in house, in the UK, so that we can all access sit here in the UK but the US can also access it at the same time

    we have a Windows Server 2008 in the UK

    have you any experience in doing this ? is it even possible ? and if so what are the security risks ?

    appreciate your time if you have any advise


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