Virtual Host + Apache httpd server + Tomcat + mod_jk connector

Virtual Host + Apache httpd server + Tomcat + mod_jk connector

In my last post (Virtual Host in Tomcat) we discussed about how setup the virtual host in Tomcat. Its cost effective technique because only one public IP is enough to host multiple domain. If we have big organization and each department want to host their website in locally in different machine. then how to achieve the virtual host concept?. In this post we will see the how we do this.

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28 thoughts on “Virtual Host + Apache httpd server + Tomcat + mod_jk connector

  1. @Rama, Thank you so much this video helped me a lot though I am facing an issue for me localhost:8080/test-1/ is working but localhost:80/test-1/ is giving me error "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later." Can you please help me with this?

  2. Tomcat ajp port is not secure in 8.5. But if someone still wants to use AJP along with apche httpd how do we make is secure ?

  3. @Rama – You did this video over 7 years ago. I watch a lot of tech videos and rarely comment to the publishers. I sincerely Thank You for this high quality video that is explicit, concise, accurate, and on-point. I have a client that had their system setup at about the same time. They used exactly the configurations you've described here all the way through to domain mapping to specific Tomcat contexts. You've provided a roadmap that now allows me to connect all of the dots, and make changes in this environment to respond to new requests. Well done!

  4. typical indian video. Lots of typing without any top-down approach. You should first state explicitly the goal you want to achieve.
    So you start with a picture like 12:13, then prove 3 tomcats and 3 apaches work, something like 8:53 – 9:15
    Then the rest of the video makes more sense than your far too vague introduction. Introductions should sharply define the goal, you're vlogging to tech guys, not management.

  5. Hey

    I have my web server on xxx.xx.15.46 And application server on xxx.xx.2.249

    I have installed WAMP on web server and IDE Eclipse Java 1.8 and Apache Tomcat 8.5 on application server. Both server has Windows server R2 2012.

    I am unable to establish connection between different IP Server.

    Please help me with this

    Thanking in advance

  6. I did exactly what you have shown.After successfully executing –configure No folder is generated in /usr/local.Please help

  7. Thank you so much, it helped me a lot . but I'm facing a problem, my webapp shows on the url the original webapp name, and without it doesn't work my app, can you help me? can I shared my config with you?

  8. Very clear
    Although I have a question, which server's resources will consume on each request?
    The main server
    Or one of the sub servers?

  9. Do you know , how to loadbalance a URL that has, a context say /foo/abc somewhere in it(not exactly after domain name) ? jkmount does not permit to use ^/foo/abc/* , do we have to use location handler ?

  10. thanku bro but how to configure for https if we load for https it ask certificate twice instead of one when we request it ask first for apache and second time for tomcat

  11. Hi this video is very nice and the jk_mod is working for my 3 tier architecture very well. Now, the thing I wanted to know is about module, can you make a video on this module to connect to the 2nd tier app server (tomcat). Thanks in advance.

  12. How to configure mod_JK for both http and https for multiple tomcats? What changes to be done in and tomcat?

  13. Mr.Roma i run the command "./configure –prefix=/usr/local/apache –enable-rewrite=shared –enable-proxy=shared" then i checked the apache directory i found it empty .. i run it again and again still the apache directory is empty .. please help .. thank you

  14. hi…Rama krishnan nice tutorial. could u please make video with apache2 instead of httpd ,i did not get any resources regarding redirection of tomcat on apache 2 server on debian 8 linux

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