14 thoughts on “Virtual Host + Nginx + Tomcat

  1. Please Sir and how we can configure the SSL Certificate with Letsencrypte for our Domain and Nginx using Tomcat? Could you please Help to clear that. Thank you very much for all

  2. Could you please make one Video how to setup now the SSL Certificate to those Domain address? Thank you very much for your Job

  3. thanks ramki…it works on redirecting…but my websites content are not loaded properly i mean it is missing its css js jquerry and also even image matter…how can i fix this?

  4. Hi Rama, how can I proxy all the requests from one ngix virtual host to more than one tomcat server, I mean, you put one instance of tomcat with one app each, but in my case, four tomcats will answer for the same apps , balancing the loads and attended from a virtual hosts ??

  5. Love you ramki…! for this great information, I could rum my business of running server at home now with my plain old JSP Servlets Whoohoo ^__^

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