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  1. HI, do you know some good tutos to setup email adress with this configuration (the same level than you video 😉 ) ? I don't know what should I write on mx configuration, what ports to be open, …. And no clear help on Ionos website.

  2. Amazing job. Thank you for all this info. Even the Ionos site does not contain this level of information in a friendly/easy to access manner.


    I was unfortunate enough to become a victim of crime, which left me unable to access my banking and personal details for some time during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

    This led to an unpaid fee of £24.

    Consequently IONOS sent a reminder of payment which I didn't receive because I couldn't access my email.

    It took a mere 5 week for them to close my account delete my website and tell me it's all gone and i have no comeback. £24? Really??

    I do take the blame for not being able to foresee the future, the crime and the Pandemic that ensued and perhaps for not staying on hold for 8 hours a day to sort every detail out, however I did expect a little leeway regarding getting me back up and running.

    Did I get ANY help? NO. Just directed to Paragraph 13 of the Terms and Conditions.

    Please Note – They may dazzle with prices and offers, but sometimes it helps to have a little compassion and humanity in the business world, especially during Pandemics and/or other natural disasters and crimes.

    Thanks for nothing IONOS, I now face financial ruin.

  4. Hi, Need help. What if we don't purchase with plesk option? for me, it's showing only Linux. How do i access files and db?

  5. Hi, thank you for your video. I have 90% the same thing you showed in the tutorial so this is very very helpful. I am stuck only one point, I bought a new domain as domain registrar at the domain.com and when I add this into Plesk HM it provide me with some DNS to point. ns1.mynewdomain.com and ns2.mynewdomain.com.. but this DNS are giving me invalid error on domain.com. I talked to them and they said, there is a problem with DNS. do you know the reasons for it?

  6. Dude! You rock!
    I too am a full stack dev! and I had a cloud server (self managed) and it drove me nuts too many things to install, so i switched but i needed something better than a shared hosting account. I didn't think this would be that simple and easy to follow. Your video made all the difference!
    I sincerely appreciate your video! ONE more subscriber.

  7. Thanks for your video, it's all I needed to decide on IONOS. Does it work well right now? Thanks a big hug

  8. Dude, this is a great demo! Thank you very much for your time and effort. It is especially useful for us that also have 3 jobs but have made the switch from CPanel to Plesk to manage all our domains. If you do manage to find some time, it would be amazing to see that vidoe tutorial for Github deployment automation with Plesk , and also the most effecient way to transfer a live website into Plesk with another domain name. These two would definately help us out :D. Thanks again! You're awesome

  9. Hey, thank you for this tutorial. Can you please confirm that the widlcard (*) works for subdomains? I need it for every registered user, for example user1.mydomain.com, user2.mydomain.com without having to create subdomain manually. Best Regards

  10. I would like to purchase a VPS instead of a web hosting, but now I know it's too complicated for me to setup everything. 🙁
    But thank you for your video.

  11. Thanks for the video, it helped me a lot, however, my site still shows NOT SECURE when HTTPS:// is left off. How do I fix?

  12. You could simply setup the free SSL wildcard that ionos gives you with the domain, and it would have been much easier.
    Good video by the way .

  13. Thank you for this! I have a question tho… if we do this with AWS or Azure, is the pricing with them is included with the plesk license? I know we need to pay monthly to plesk right? do we need to pay double? plesk and our vps provider? like aws or azure? thanks!

  14. This is all I needed. I'm a php programmer, always used a shared hosting and I was actually afraid it would have been really difficult to set this up but then I found this video. Thank you, you earned a new follower

  15. Do you know much about G-Suite ? cost etc and how easy it is to set up for mail, looks like about £4.50 a month

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