VPS Services That Cost Less Than Google, AWS, and Azure?

VPS Services That Cost Less Than Google, AWS, and Azure?

In this video, I go over VPS Services that are cheaper than Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Skysilk link:

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29 thoughts on “VPS Services That Cost Less Than Google, AWS, and Azure?

  1. Then you don’t know that germany is the server paradise. Contabo and NetCup give you 16GB 4-6core AMD Epyc shared VPSs for 10$ a month with pure SSD storage 300GB.

  2. Thank you Chris! I've been surfing the web for over a month now on the lookout for a good service and let me tell you from the looks of it, this is great! I haven't tested it out yet but this is what I'm going with considering the options.

  3. Fair compare would include Digital Ocean, Linode, and actual benchmarks. This is bulls°hit. Really meaningless. Features. OS support, community means everything. Bandwidth policies. Locations, I can go on and on…

  4. Hi there, looking for a VPS currently, 09/2020 … Is this info still valid? Is Skysilk still a relevant and reliable VPS vendor?

  5. Nice find actually. I might start using the cheapest of the cheap 2bucks a month server to try out using discord but on it : D

  6. is there any vps services that provide arch?
    i see a lot of ubuntu but i wouldn't know head from tail when it comes to ubuntu
    and i'm sure skysilk is a great company but they wont even let me register on their site XD

  7. Tks for great video. Could u please suggest which one is better, Vultr or DigitalOcean? I'm staying at Singapore, trying to have a US VPS.

  8. Hi Chris, very nice video! I'm using friktoria's services for about a year, I have a small vps and a website, the vps costs 3.5€ per month, and it has 2GB of ram, 75GB HDD, and 2 processor cores, now I would like host my clients sites, is friktoria good? Do you have hear again from this company? And do you recommend them?

  9. Digital ocean now block ports 587 and outgoing smtp 25 which stops you really hosting your own mail server they seem to be pushing grid mail for extra money. not sure if There is work around at this time I like many others I have wasted hours trying to figure this out !

  10. I have used DO, Vultr, Linode

    All are from the same honest family. They are amazing cloud providers, it would even be better if they all were partners or so as theu are super similar.

  11. You should've mentioned in your guide that SkySilk runs their VMs on LXC (which comes with many restrictions) and not KVM. So, they are not real VMs but rather containers. Everything comes at a cost, and this is mainly why they are cheaper than other vendors, and not because they are running older versions of hardware as you are proposing. I purchased yesterday a VPS because I fell for the price. It turns out I can't even run Docker. Thanks to your misleading guide.

  12. Thanks very much, Chris — your videos are always informative and interesting. .. Did you change your VPS to Skysilk — or have you found something better ?

  13. Thanks very much, Chris. … When you start with Skysilk at the 50 percent discount, does the price go up to 100 percent after a certain amount of time ?

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