WordPress.com vs WordPress.org PLUS how to setup a SELF HOSTED WordPress site

vs PLUS how to setup a SELF HOSTED WordPress site

What’s best, WordPress.com or WordPress.org? Is there was a WordPress.com vs WordPress.org fight, which one would win? In this video I explain the differences as well as showing you how to setup your own WordPress.org website on your own hosting.

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16 thoughts on “vs PLUS how to setup a SELF HOSTED WordPress site

  1. hi! do you have any tutorial links which explain to convert your wordpress dot com to a wordpress dot org site? That's the predicament I'm in and couldn't find that specific topic…

  2. The cost of WordPress.com is not as bad for the speed you get with it. To get a relevant host speed it'd cost anywhere from $80/month to $150/month

  3. I love this video. You are the only person who has made it clearly and I'm gonna follow the same steps. Thank you.

  4. Hello sir! thank you very much for your video – very helpful and educational.
    Could you please explain why you didn't just buy a domain name at hostgator?

  5. Org is better of course because of tge obvious seclusion but very much public if its to ones attention. Its s private public knowledge of a loud subject. Org is simple its direct to the point its just an word explanation you dobt the other mumble jumble

  6. Hi WP. I just spent half a day on this video cuz I’m challenged 😁 WordPress.org is set up and my host. Can you recommend the best next videos I should watch of yours as I’m a newbie. I’m starting a blog. Thank you so much!

  7. Thank you for your video it is very useful. I have a question. on the wp-admin login page, why is it showing not secure in the http address? i used a free hosting site called profreehost (have you ever heard of them?)- after I created my site I went to the wp-admin login and the same is showing in there too, the not secure with a red triangle in the http . is it safe to login to my own admin page?

  8. Stuck with WP login at 18:20. No login screen showed up. Just a white screen at domain name/wp-admin step. What to do?

  9. I did learn a lot from .com at least… BUT, unfortunately I did purchase a domain and now Im stuck with paying them 40 a year to keep it registered or $129 to transfer the registrar. argggggg.

  10. Is there separate billing for WordPress or was that included with the HostGator plan? Also, can you add plugins thru HostGator or do you go to the wordpress website and pay there?

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