Vultr WordPress Cloud Hosting in 10 Minute Tutorial

Vultr WordPress Cloud Hosting in 10 Minute Tutorial

Learn how to install WordPress on Vultr cloud hosting in just a few clicks in this video tutorial. I’ll walk you through the steps of deploying a Vultr cloud compute VPS instance with a WordPress server pre-installed and show you how to change your DNS settings to link your domain name to Vultr.

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29 thoughts on “Vultr WordPress Cloud Hosting in 10 Minute Tutorial

  1. How do you manage emails and transactional email on vultr WordPress install. Can you make tutorial. Greatly appreciated

  2. That's a very good tutorial, Thanks Tony, but can i install more than 1 WP in the same $5/m server? Do i just repeat the steps everytime or there's something else to do?

  3. Hope you will understand my question. In Cloudways, you can buy server from Vultr and then make word press websites without buying a domain. I mean you can make your website on the subdomain kind of things that they give you and then you can later set up the domain of the website. Can we do that if we buy server from Vultr official website as well.

  4. Hey, Tony. Found your tutorial about Linode and then I check the hosting of your website and it's hosted in Vultr. Interesting Vultr is much easy to set up than Linode. Linode use by Brian Dean. Awesome! The only thing is… Google Domain only allowed in the USA for now. Plan to migrate my website Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the video!
    Is it possible to add emails with that solution?
    Also, I saw that cloudways is very popular but it is based on vultr. What's the interest of using cloudways instead of just vultr ?

  6. Thanks man. Very helpful video. How do you go about making sure the website is secure afterwards? A video about that would be good.

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