WD My Cloud Home - Personal Storage & Backup for Mobile & Computers

WD My Cloud Home – Personal Storage & Backup for Mobile & Computers

WD My Cloud Home is a personal easy to use Backup drive that can backup stuff from your smartphones, computer and even your online accounts so that you can safely store and access your content from anywhere easily.

WD My Cloud Drive is sold via Amazon

32 thoughts on “WD My Cloud Home – Personal Storage & Backup for Mobile & Computers


  2. From my experience using it on mobile, it does not back up contacts, sms, apps, music files, or any other files (excluding pictures & videos) directly on the device.

  3. Wanted to know if backup can happen on any wifi network and does device needs to be in same wifi network to configure

  4. This device has become an essential accessory now that Google photos has backtracked on its promise of free uploads / backup and is going to charge from June this year.

  5. You said it can be set up for multiple users to have their own private space.
    Can in be configured so I as parent have full access, but each of my kids get their space private from each other, but not from me?

  6. I am looking one for my LG TV. Is it possible to connect this to a WiFi enabled TV? How easy is it

  7. Hi..thank you..
    I hv a question..
    Can i use it through internet.?
    1. Suppose, If i configure this device at Dubai and later can i access this cloud from India?.what are the possibilities?. Can you pls explain.

    2.which is the best cloud machine?.

  8. Can I access this storage from outside? I mean, suppose I install this storage in my room in Dubai, can I access this storage from India?

  9. If there is a fire, theft or any natural calamities then all ur data is gone. Hence better to use onedrive, dropbox etc from long term prospective.

  10. Can we access our data via My Cloud account even if the My Cloud Home Drive is unplugged with the ethernet?

  11. Hello. Can i use this device as a network storage wherein all of my employees store their work and i can access those files from my home?

  12. Catastrophic product! User interface is completely counter intuitive, it is the slow to the point it is unusable on wifi, and you cannot connect it directly to your computer unless you are an IT engineer! This product is a real piece of junk. I paid a lot of money and now it sits in the bottom of my drawer. Best advice is to stay away

  13. Glad I watched this, especially the things you did not like. I’ll stick wth my open media vault on an old laptop👍✌️

  14. Very few words can describe how bad this product is!! Super slow, user interface created by a monkey, no easy way to connect to it directly using a simple USB, crashes all the time… a total waste of money

  15. Please can i ask you if there are a ways to connect my cloud home via any thing like ethernet or usb ? any thing except wifi ! many thanks in advance.

  16. Hi thank you for your review! One Question: Does it also back up the photos on my iphone in the background if I do not open the wd app?

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