We are OVHcloud

We are OVHcloud

About us 👉

Our vision : Innovation for freedom.

We are at the heart of the #data revolution which is opening the doors to wide new possibilities for applications and #technology. We believe each person must be allowed to keep control of his or her own data, so each can innovate and do business as desired. Our vision is to empower people with the #freedom to achieve their ambition.

Our mission : Open to power your data

The role of technology is to work for us. In a world where data is at the heart of all aspects of our private, cultural, social and professional lives, we power our customers’ ideas and imagination. We believe in innovation when it is disruptive and provides freedom for all; and in being where the growth is, enabling people and businesses to thrive. After all, it is our heritage to think differently, to do differently, and to disrupt the status quo.

Our history

Throughout our history we have continued to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, connecting them to opportunities and helping them to thrive.

We are OVHcloud

4 thoughts on “We are OVHcloud

  1. Cette Intro …
    J'en ai eu des frissons !
    Bravo à ceux qui l'ont élaborer et bravo à OVH pour ces belles années d'innovation, de transparence.
    Bravo à Octave d'avoir fait d'OVH LA pépite française de la tech.
    MalgrĂ© quelques mauvais moments, on est toujours lĂ  😉

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