5 thoughts on “Web Hosting – Installing Nginx as a Reverse Proxy

  1. Very nice. I'm wondering how to set this up for websites hosted on google appengine (with a custom domain) so they will be visible from China. If you freelance let me know 🙂

  2. thanks for the tutorial. I am still confuse about setting one. I have 3 servers with public IP address. Server A is the content server and I intend to use Server B as the proxy server. My question here is under the configuration file, what should be server_name  and proxy_pass ?

    Should proxy_pass = Server B or A  or should server_name = Server A or B ? Please clarify my confusion.

  3. Correction: Nginx was NOT made for Linux instead it was made for *BSD systems (with BSD style license). In fact the creator, Igor, ran the server on a FreeBSD machine. Forgive me but not everything not running on Windows is for Linux. There are other open source operating systems. I'm just saying. Just my 2cents! Great video though.

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