Weekend Update! FPGAs & Algos & New Coin Listings, Oh My!

Weekend Update! FPGAs & Algos & New Coin Listings, Oh My!

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Acorn FPGA just launched today- so did FIVE NEW COINS on Coinbase…

BTC: 15hTaFnRfrXMyRL57dH64PJ68z4Rspg1yG
BCH: qz5vll8ng53zlr5mncdk576xsukfgnhcjy8vz8gw4p
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ETC: 0xCAaB4fAaF7E0Df175109081b3Afed8b2e9cF1521
ETH: 0xce78eE8E3124fcbCC7013A5340133Adf6d68a4E3
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Weekend Update! FPGAs & Algos & New Coin Listings, Oh My!

16 thoughts on “Weekend Update! FPGAs & Algos & New Coin Listings, Oh My!

  1. Starts 3:12 Be sure to check out info directly on:
    http://squirrelsresearch.com | http://store.mineority.io | http://shop.mineyour.biz

  2. Excited and supportive of BitTube, but sadly the mining spreadsheets are completely unreadable at the resolution delivered by BitTube.

  3. Its a nice idea but any way you look at it the math don't stack up, just look at the ROI, 1x1070ti prob 60RVN a day x the bump 1.8 = 48RVN a day extra, probably just over 1 year to get ya money back on the 215. Even worse if in the UK – $550+ to ship one 215 to the UK! and when ya got 8 1070ti's forget about it. Buy more cards, don't be limited to 2 algo's, keep on mining, keep on hodling 🙂

  4. SQRL is giving us a nut……..ACORN looks to level the field!!!! gardening takes a lot of elbow grease to keep ahead of the curve. GOLDEN COOKIE? but thank you sqrl and everyone who is working projects like this to give GPU miners the edge

  5. im 95% sure i know wich card it is =P (Dual gpu amd) And guys it doesnt requier alot to find out wich boards it can be since Seth basicly said it back in old streams 😛

  6. I saw a review (I think it was with you and GPUHoarder) saying that you could use these cards to mine with no GPU's attached (think it was with the simpler algos) any info on those as I imagine a FPGU would pump out some decent hash rates

  7. You kind of look like a chipmunk. I will assume you are storing acorns for the winter until proven otherwise. 🐿️

  8. Increased hashrate of 30 to 60% for the price of an RX 570? Why not just buying another GPU,especially if you have cheap electricity? I must be missing the idea or doing the math wrong cause I do not see much benefit at a current price. Decreased energy consumption for overall increased hashrate? Ok that coul be critical but not for everybody.

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