What do product managers do? - Agile Coach

What do product managers do? – Agile Coach

The product manager role continues to be a topic of debate. This is because as teams and organizations grow the responsibilites of a PM change from being a swiss army knife doing anything and everything to a skilled influencer creating a shared understanding with the team. Distinguished Product Manager Sherif Mansour walks us through the challenges and misconceptions of the product manager role based on his ten years of experience as a PM at Atlassian.

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  1. While the video covered more of the soft skill required to fulfill the role, the major responsibility of the Product Manager on receiving the program strategic theme from leadership is to define the product road map and features then work with the product owner to decompose these into user stories for the dev team. The product manager is responsible for the program backlog and owns the overall solution.

  2. I ask myself what product managers actually do every day. If you need a video to explain it, that's pretty much sums it up.

  3. They WAIT for UX designers to understand the product, the user needs, prioritise features, design UX, validate UX, DESIGN UI, hand off prototype to devs, explain UX and UI to devs. After their long wait they write user stories based on what UX designers have already written… The en they sit with devs and get them to do a t-shirt sizing and then they report to the higher ups that the project is moving ahead at the right speed.

  4. What do product managers do?
    -> Tell another team which is requesting a new feature that they don't have bandwidth to ship it.

  5. I was certifed as Project Mánager, now I got to be certified as Product Owner and this videos helped me to much!

  6. The answer is "Maximising Business Value" by optimizing the trade-offs within UX, Tech and Business to make the sales as easy as possible. At the end of the day, there needs to be a commercial success. Sure it's not solemnly down to Product, but includes also Marketing, Sales, etc.. The product role in there is making the sale as easy as possible. If that is the case, then product-market fit has been reached, and selling it becomes extremely easy.

  7. Can a bachelor of economics student apply for product manager job if it is so what will be the roadmap to become a successful product manager.

  8. No one knows, neither do they. This use to be handled by a project manager who actually did something and drove requirements, open issues, schedule and made sure projects were delivered. With Agile it all became this vague "necessity"…

  9. The specific responsibilities of PO and PM can also vary with what agile methodology you are following. Scrum treats PO as a higher role while safe treats PM as the higher role. Be sure to understand the culture of the organization and the structure they are following when you start in the PO/PM role.

  10. I'm thinking I want to become a product manager. My education is in modern languages and my only jobs have been as a receptionist in the luxury hotel sector. Any advice how I can become a product manager, especially if I don't know much about coding or business operations? I'm 27, so I won't/can't go back to fulltime education.

  11. As the products are varies in world, PM definition is difficult. You should multiple it in changing in generation and demands. Many product will be born by new PMs.

  12. I have learned a lot. The product manager is the representative of the customer and has an important position in the software development life cycle. Our product manager, project manager, and R&D team work together in the ZenTao system.

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