What is a Cloud Server ?? - Explained in [Hindi]

What is a Cloud Server ?? – Explained in [Hindi]

Cloud Servers ka poora explaination is Video me, to Jano details me cloud servers kya hote hai, or ye servers kaise kaam karte hai or traditional server se kaise alag hote hai ye. to detail me jaanne ke liye is video ko poora dekho.

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11 thoughts on “What is a Cloud Server ?? – Explained in [Hindi]

  1. News android app- aws me bill 2400/- aya limit nahi he, but vps limit he / monthly plan he ? which better about billing limit, fixed monthly charges, any affiliate link he tho de sakte he ! Mujhe sever buy karna he, aws chodna chata hnoo

  2. بھائی میرا ایک سوال تھا ۔ اگر آپ کی کمپنی میں ایک لاکھ یوزرز ہیں ۔ یا وہ آپ کے کسٹمر ہیں ۔ تو آپ کو کتنے جی بی ڈیٹا ضرورت ہوگا ۔ Cloud server fix

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