What is A Self-Hosted Blog? (Self-Hosted WordPress)

What is A Self-Hosted Blog? (Self-Hosted WordPress)

This is just a quick video to answer 2 questions which I hear quite often, which are:

What is a self-hosted blog?
What is self-hosted WordPress?

I get so many questions each week via email, YouTube comment, Facebook messages etc and quite often they are the same questions from different people so I have decided to start my “WP Q&A” videos. This is the first one but over time there should be a full WP Q&A playlist full of commonly asked, WordPress related questions! 🙂

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So what is a self-hosted blog / self-hosted WordPress?

Free Version of WordPress: http:wordpress.com
Self-Hosted Version of WordPress:

So basically, if you sign up for a free blog at wordpress.com or blogger.com or any of the other free blogging sites, they are the ones who host your blog for you.

Self hosted on the other hand is when you purchase your own domain name and hosting, then install WordPress onto your own hosting account, hence the phrase “self-hosted”.

There are tonnes of benefits to having your own self hosted blog, such as your own custom domain name and full control over your content without fear of the free blogging site closing down.

Also if you use the self-hosted version of WordPress, you also get access to different themes and plugins which can transform your website into something that rivals fortune 500 companies, which is kind of funny because tonnes of them actually do use WordPress!

If you want to learn how to set up your own self-hosted blog using WordPress, you can check out my tutorial where I guide you through the entire process step by step:

Including registering a domain name, setting up your hosting, Installing WordPress and then of course, setting up your blog.

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