What is Cloud Computing? - Cloud Computing Fundamentals Training

What is Cloud Computing? – Cloud Computing Fundamentals Training

This video gives you an overview of what cloud computing is, providing you with a solid understanding of the cloud, the basic concepts, and the different deployment models. Access the full course

In this video, we will start by looking at what cloud computing is and its definition; we will then look at the different deployment models: Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds before digging into what actually makes a Cloud a Cloud. Here we break down the Cloud model by looking at its key concepts and characteristics that make it so appealing to a wide range of organizations and individuals, from scalability, security, and high availability. The full course also looks at the different service models of Cloud Computing, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) providing examples and differences between each.

In the full course, we also look at some common use cases. Lastly, an overview is given on how typical on-premise data center solutions are reflected within the Cloud. You can view the full course here

This course learning objectives are:
– Be able to define what Cloud Computing is
– Gain a comprehensive understanding of Cloud Computing
– Learn Cloud Computing benefits and key concepts
– Understand when and where to use it using the appropriate industry models

This is your go-to course if you’re interested in understanding cloud adoption frameworks.

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