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  1. I am uncertain. I am new with computers and come from the age of paper. I am more secure with dealing with people face to face and having my documents in paper form. I know there are advantages to things such as the cloud but I cannot afford the disadvantages right now.

  2. I'm impressed. You didn't just sell the cloud. You hit the entire "Delete is a word that never meant what we thought and now it's basically a joke to people who data mine".

    /sub, and surprised me. /like

  3. thanx please send video how we can setup privet cloud network for one company . please show needed component and estimation .

  4. Cloud computing technologies are great for backup storage. I was not convinced to that kind of preserving files, but last experience when almost lost my whole collection of photos, copied from SD cards ensured me about serious decision of choosing this kind of backup. Of course I have saved part of photos in other locations, galleries like flickr etc. but often I’m using RAW files for postprocessing and I’d like to have it properly storage (raw files are much bigger then jpg). I’m not a “professional” photographer but sometimes happens that I take pictures on request. I would like to protect myself from the situation, when somebody wants to get a picture and my memory card is unreadable and I couldn’t get them back. I’m not shooting very much so I think that 20-25 gb of storage space would be strictly enough. Of course price is important as well. I am not a specialist in the field
    of cloud computing so I‘d ask for a hint and advice in trustworthy services. Of course security is an important factor that have a big influence of my decision and the price too. I googled a service called ComZetta, which seems to be a combination of storage space and virtual desktop.

  5. What I think is a good way to store your data:
    -Store files wich you want to share on servers own by companies such as Facebook and Youtube.
    -Store personal information that you don't use that often on a personal server (cloud)
    -Store personal files that you often use or that you need to be always avaible on your computer(the internet conection isn't the most reliable thing in the world).

  6. I'm not happy with Googles cloud storage system. If earth is destroyed Im left without my data forever..madness 😉

  7. People beeing paranoid about their data are just stupid. Your data traffic is stored by you internetprovider anyways, and if people REALLY need your data, unless your behind a industrial, hardware based firewall, they will get it, and your data would actually be safer on a could,

  8. you can add security and restrictions to your "cloud" so that only you can see what's on there or allow certain people to see certain parts of it, but that's just cloud storage.

  9. cloud gaming sucks, you still need good hardware to play it, it doesn't have any cool graphical features (NO anti aliasing, no physX, ambient occlusion.etc) and it doesn't have any of the new games

  10. Thxs, Linus – good info. I won't gain from giving control of my data as nothing is free. Services free now all plan for pay only customers later.
    Like idea of encryption on 3 levels — if l were to ever need a large space for a brief, temporary time i.e. to transfer patterns already available elsewhere. And only non-sensitive data cuz internet = elephant: it never forgets!

  11. Meh I just have a bunch'a Seagate GoFlex 1TB USB 3.0 External HDD's. Makes me feel better knowing my data is safe at home NOT connected to the internet! One thing I learned in collage is how security within a network works, and ya it's scary.

  12. Your internet provider has to store every website/download going in for 2 years at least, and are allowed to store for longer…

  13. I agree its has pro's andcon's. Guess you have to simple chose what you would put on cloud and simply keep what you feel to personal on your own computor. Thanks snd great video too.

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