What Is Dedicated IP? | NordVPN

What Is Dedicated IP? | NordVPN

What is dedicated IP? Do you need it?

Every time you connect to VPN, your real IP address is replaced with another one, generated from the remote VPN server you select.

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Everyone connected to the same server receives the same IP. This way no Internet activity can be traced back to the actual user. The shared IP addresses are great for security and privacy.

Dedicated IP means you will have your own IP address. No worries, your dedicated IP is different than your real IP, so all your data is still encrypted and secure, and your location is hidden.

So why would you need a dedicated IP address?

#1 Access to websites
Sometimes shared IP addresses may get blacklisted. With a dedicated IP, you will be able to access websites that have IP limits.

#2 Authentication
Authentication is another recurring problem when using shared IP addresses. Dedicated IP allows you to forget about ‘captchas’.

#3 Online payments
Using a VPN with some online payment providers may be complicated because of the shared IP. If you don’t want to get locked out of your account on a regular basis, a dedicated IP is a good choice.

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21 thoughts on “What Is Dedicated IP? | NordVPN

  1. Why so many dislikes? This is a valid issue. Websites AFAIK use more and more IP-ban and "automated request check boxes" and dedicated IP could be a solution.

    Would anyone detail why this video has a 1/3 dislike ratio? I have been a NordVPN user for 2 years now, knowing about the issue they had, but am overall content with the service.
    Greetings from Germany.

  2. Nord vpn was definitely compromised and they hid it from the public until it was leaked. They are a bunch of noobs that leave backdoors open dont use then do research.

  3. If you live in the US why would you have it
    You don't need one
    This VPN service they store on record your IP address so let's say if they get subpoenaed this VPN service they store on record your IP address so let's say if they get subpoenaed they have to turn over your IP address why would you want a company that stores your IP address

  4. But a dedicated ip would require you (nordvpn) to somehow document a connection between my real ip and your dedicated ip for me (in order to ensure i paid for the dedicated-ip-service i am using). If there was any authority with a warrant you would have to disclose my real ip thus not hiding my ip.

    You forgot to let your customers know about that in your video.

  5. You need better digital marketing. Your concept is great, but your delivery sucks. Don't hold back the info about making online payments until your last example. Use that one first. Also, make IP info easily understandable. You're assuming that your video consumer actually knows about IP addresses already, when clearly they don't. Got your attention now? Contact me for help.

  6. Thank you I'm learning so much from this channe
    And BTW another good benefit of dedicated I've experienced is that it's way much faster than other regular IPs 😍👍

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