What is Domain Name, URL, Web Page, Website, WWW, Web Hosting | TechTerms

What is Domain Name, URL, Web Page, Website, WWW, Web Hosting | TechTerms

Learn what is the domain name, URL, web page or webpage, website, www or world wide web and web hosting and what is the difference between them. Defined and explained.
The new contents that you see after every single click are the visual representation of a document your browser has received from a server in response to your request to access 55techterms.com. 55techterms.com is called domain name and the document received is called a web page and is written in HTML language which browser can understand.

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Now, each web page has a unique address called Uniform Resource Locator or URL containing HyperText Transfer Protocol or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, Fully qualified Domain name, Directory, and either Web page or nothing.

All publically accessible hyperlinked web pages collectively form an information space called World Wide Web or simply Web.

A collection of hyperlinked web pages sharing a common domain name or FQDN is called a website. So, a group of HTML files forms a website.

Once the website files are uploaded successfully on the server, it is the responsibility of web hosts to deliver the required files of your website as soon as the server receives a request from a web browser. This service, provided by Web hosts, is called Web Hosting. #TechTerms

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