What is Shared Hosting ?

What is Shared Hosting ?

If you are looking for a web hosting provider for your new website then you will come across terms like shared hosting,dedicated hosting, wordpress hosting and a lot more.
In this video tutorial I will explain the shared web hosting.
Shared web hosting is used by most of the websites on the Internet but newcomers looking
for a host usually think that it is an inferior type of hosting.
The reality is that it just a way of sharing the very powerful resources of modern computer hardware.
Using a shared host makes hosting a website very affordable for small businesses and the reality is that no one really as any idea that the website uses a shared host rather than its own dedicated server.
Shared hosting is also much simply for a small business that dedicated hosting or VPS.
In this tutorial I explain shared web hosting and who uses it and how it is configured.

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  5. I like your video. Domain1, domain 2, domain 3, multiple websites on same server is called shared web hosting.

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