What Is The Best Hosting Provider For Divi Websites

What Is The Best Hosting Provider For Divi Websites

Learn how to choose the best hosting service provider for your Divi website to keep it running fast and avoid issues with the Divi Builder.

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What Is Hosting?
In order to ensure your new Divi website will work properly, you need a good premium hosting provider. Your hosting server is the place where your website files are stored. So when you visit or interactive with a, you are actually viewing a set of files that are stored on a hosting server. It is very important that this server be fast, secure, reliable, and of course affordable.

Let me just say right here – you get what you pay for with web hosting.

What Host Should I Use?
Unfortunately, there are very few good website hosts out there, and a lot of very bad ones who spend all their money on marketing instead of on their infrastructure and customers. We’ll talk more about those companies later in the post, but first I want to talk about the different types of hosting and that will help narrow down which ones to use with Divi.

Siteground Hosting
One of the best hosting providers for standard small business Divi websites is Siteground. They understand Divi and will even optimize your server specifically for the needs and requirements of Div if you ask. Their support is absolutely phenomenal! Like really, really good.

I use Siteground for almost all of my sites and client sites, so I can say for sure that this company is going to be very good to use with Divi. And the cool part is how easy it is to migrate to them, you get one free migration and the rest can be done with one click with their migrator plugin. You have no excuse! Switch to something that works, because the success of your website/business depends on it.

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Cloudways Hosting
Serious Divi users should absolutely check out Cloudways! Don’t expect the same hand-holding experience as Siteground, but with Cloudways you can get away from shared hosting and move to the cloud for the best speeds and performance.

This site where you are reading this blog post is hosted on Cloudways due to the tens of thousands of site visitors I get each week and because of how much stuff is going on with it like plugins and functionality. A good site needs good hosting. You have no excuse if your website fails because of slow speeds. We are using Cloudways with the Digital Ocean server.

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