What is the Best Kind of Hosting, for Freelance Web Developers?

What is the Best Kind of Hosting, for Freelance Web Developers?

Should you get a VPS (virtual private server) to host your freelance web design and development clients? Given all the different web hosting options out there, what is the solution for freelancing web nerds?

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46 thoughts on “What is the Best Kind of Hosting, for Freelance Web Developers?

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  3. What company do u use yourself Im sick and tired of some companies claiming they offer support when its couple of people in a garage, I use .net and c# would like a vps managed server that doesn't cost heaps.

  4. Creo que el video despeja las dudas sobre el tema de los hosting pero tal vez a alguien les sirva este artículo también: https://internautas21.com/que-es-hosting-de-una-pagina-web/

  5. Hi, great video. I plan to do it like that. One thing is giving me a headache though: How do you create the hosting account of the client? Do you tell them to set it up themselves or do you set it up for them with their credentials? The latter would mean that the client would have to share email, password and payment information. I don´t think that new clients do that very often? Thanks, Jens

  6. Hello Stef. Thanks a lot for that answer in this vlog. Now could you tell us the name of the provider you use for your managed vps? Thanks.

  7. I personally prefer a VPS as I assess open source applications quite frequently. I also do a lot of backend development with Python as well as the usual DevOps testing with Ansible. I recently switched to Vultr who have small 'sandbox' instances for $2.50, although I use the $3.50 option in the UK as I get better connection speeds in Europe from Africa. A VPS gives me a bit more flexibility.

  8. how long does it take to make an average of 400-500 dollars a month doing freelance work? I am not interested in getting rich but I want to have more free time.Also I have programming experience so I don't have to start from the basics.

  9. I’m learning on the free services of AWS for at least a year. It’s definitely more complicated than some of these managed hosting companies like HostGator, but I want to get into the cloud business anyway.

  10. You must have read my mind, I was just about to email you the same questions. My goal is to host and manage 5 client website by Feb 2019. I may use WP (I want to get proficient in PHP) on some of them as well.

  11. My preference are Digital Ocean I can pause the server when I am not using it.

    There are many free hosting plans out there with free tier plan.
    Including github pages, netlify and Heroku

  12. I've had some bad experiences with some of the bigger hosting companies. Especially with buying domains. I went looking for a TLD at GoDaddy. Found what I wanted. Decided to sleep on it. The next morning it got bought up. I contacted the owner. They wanted $5000.00 for the domain. Then I discovered they lived in the exact same zip code as GoDaddy headquarters. Another incident involved Hostgator. I use to buy my domains there through registry rocket. People couldn't believe the domains I was picking up. I couldn't either. Then I double checked the registration. The spelling was wrong. I went there to buy more and I noticed there were still some great domains available. However the spelling would change as soon as you went to check out. I told them. They said they would look into the problem. Yeah right.

  13. I don't understand your "managed server" argument. How hard is it to set "unattended upgrades" on Debian to get automatic updates?! Do you hate dealing with the terminal?

  14. Steph, I work as a fullstack web developer. If I want to start freelancing, how do I go about finding work? Go to online platforms, where I have to compete with thousands of people from places like India? Knock on doors?

  15. I've used Knownhost in the past and it works great because it is managed. If you want to go unmanaged, I would do Dreamhost but you are going to have to do a lot. If you are wanting to eventually work for other companies, just learn AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.

  16. What about PaaS in the cloud? Fully managed, configured and updated for you.
    For example, MS Azure Web Apps on Linux or Windows base. Will auto or manual scale on demand if needed.
    VPS seems a somewhat out of date solution with the modern cloud options available.
    Don't like MS? Take a look at Digital Ocean droplet containers as another option or even AWS EC2 or kubernetes clusters for bigger stuff.
    My personal experience with VPS (shared) years ago was that it was slow because if all of the other customers hammering the shared resources. If going VPS, go private at least – I would not put my customers on shared!

  17. if I were too paranoid then I would be concerned about hosting my uber secret and profitable code on not my own hardware.

  18. Paying someone else to look after your servers for you is a good idea, my server dude is called Bryon, he knows his stuff, means I just have to write the code, he sorts the systems for us, which is nice 'cause if I had to run the server's too I think my brain might melt.

  19. When look at you …You remind me of Nicolas Cage ..and when I hear your words …you sound like the Agony Uncle in a coder's life.. thanks for helping us sort our coding knowledge which is so messed up..

  20. Maybe a work demonstration will be good for understanding the topic. I am wondering if you can please show some of the server work management?

  21. I'm in the process of launching a web hosting business via a partner program. Im going right to the source, the second largest Web Host Admin solution in the world. So I'm not a reseller. My niche is to support WordPress and WooCommerce freelancers on a Managed Service Hosting. I'll keep you posted!

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