What is Varnish Cache on Cloudways? (WordPress demo)

What is Varnish Cache on Cloudways? (WordPress demo)

Learn about how Varnish caching helps speed up your WordPress website on Cloudways by storing a copy of visited pages so that the web server doesn’t have to reassemble them every single request.

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8 thoughts on “What is Varnish Cache on Cloudways? (WordPress demo)

  1. Hello, thanks for this awesome video! One question, if I use it on a Woocommerce website, what pages should I exclude? If I use comments and rating on single product pages should I use Varnish?

  2. Hay tony, thanks for this video.
    I am using CyberPanel for my website Cpanel and using CentOS 7 operating system on it…. How can i install Varnish on it???? and 1 more thing i am use WPRocket for cashing plugin does it work along side with Varnish Cache or i have remove WProcket ???

  3. Hi Tony, thank you so much for this video.
    what happens when the page gets updated, does varnish check the cached pages to update them from time to time or what?

  4. Great Video Toni, i have a question, i am making a project at home building a web server form an old PC in my home network, is it possible to access web page from other network for free or i need to buy and public ip from internet company?

  5. Hi Tony, thank you so much.
    Can this faster the load time of a website? Which better cache do you recommend for ecommerce?

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