What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and why you should care?

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and why you should care?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (or VDI) is not a new concept but like every new technology, it takes some time to reach a maturity level when the tech is ready to go mainstream and accepted by the end users. VDI has finally reached that level and is disrupting our traditional ways of working.

An increasing number of companies have taken VDI into use during the past years but interest towards VDI has been skyrocketing during these peculiar work-from-home times as companies seek the most efficient and enjoyable ways for their workforce to work.

With this HPE and Intel sponsored video, I will explain what VDI is and why I highly recommend everybody to consider VDI when you next time revamp your IT.

CRN ARTICLE: 5 Reasons HPE VDI Is Seeing Surge In Demand Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

CASE STUDY: HPE Composable Infrastructure platform future-proofs IT at Netherlands Cancer Institute:

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14 thoughts on “What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and why you should care?

  1. no one seems to be talking about the end user device or probably the thin client or whatever it's called. Doesn't it adds the cost to have computer power on the central servers and an end user device also???

  2. Users can access web links or desktop apps outside vdi(windows 10) but get error messages inside vdi (windows 10)
    Same goes with opening a share drive, connecting to cisco vpn
    Any help is appreciated

  3. @3:08 I miss Windows XP! A very good explanation on VDI. I think we can sell the idea of VDI more if we can share application licenses like PowerBI, AutoCAD, Photoshop. Users are still not used to the idea of not having applications installed in their desktop/laptop. The biggest factor holding this back is internet, not everyone has good internet while working from home. Do we actually have the internet infrastructure ready for this. Since March 2020 Microsoft have throtelled migration (older version of SP to SPO, experienced it first hand). I definitely see organization moving in this direction but it might not be for a while.

  4. Hey Markus. Can you explain Nutanix Hyperconverge Vs VM Hypervisor. Watched all your videos. Well explained – thank you!

  5. Wow what an awesome accomplishment for the team that have set this environment up for the Netherlands Cancer Institute. Sounds very cool!

  6. I am a new subscriber. This VDI concept is at least 40 years old. In UNIX we had X. What happened with X?
    Anyhow, can you list actual working implementations of VDI? When I want to provide VDI from my home lab server, what hardware software can I buy and install?

  7. Markus, do you have an idea of how much internet bandwidth should be allocated to each user to ensure a good user experience? I gather from what you have said about the need for GPUs that there is a high demand on bandwidth.

  8. my company uses VDI and they also have Office 365 and sharepoint. Do you think it is still important to use VDI if they have the subscription of all Microsoft applications and they can store all docs in sharepoint. Pl explain what is the difference between office 365 and sharepoint and VDI

  9. So much good information. But I'm unclear why VPN is not part of the function. What special about VDI that skips that component? We use VMWare Horizon as well, but the users must first hit the network with VPN to see the resources they want to connect to.

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