What's new with Rackspace Cloud Office

What's new with Rackspace Cloud Office

Lots of new changes in Rackspace Cloud Office – including an exciting new offering of Google Apps for Work. Meet some Rackers who help support Cloud Office

Episode 95 : What’s New with Rackspace Cloud Office

Recorded Live: 4-9-2015

Alan Bush: @AlanBush – Rackspace Community Manager
Drew Cox: @DrewCoxSA – Enterprise Technical Advisor
Jorge Rodriguez – Cloud Office Customer Service Technician, Google Certified Administrator, Google Certified Deployment Specialist

Backups/JungleDisk (2:32)
Collaboration/SharePoint (5:28)
Collaboration/Lync (7:32)
Email (10:35)
Google Apps for Work (10:55)
Extras with Google Apps for Work (13:48)
What do you get with Google Apps with Rackspace? (16:30)
Cloud Office Customer Services (17:50)
Benefits of Utilizing Cloud Office (19:42)
Jorge’s Favorite Features of Cloud Office (23:10)
Chromebooks (24:40)
Android Users (27:15)
Getting Set Up with Cloud Office (29:03)
Jorge’s Ted Talk (30:28)
Wrap Up (32:05)

Google Apps and Rackspace

Rackspace Cloud Office

Jungle Disk

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