Which Web Host is Cheap and Best | 13 Factors to Consider While Buying Web Hosting

Which Web Host is Cheap and Best | 13 Factors to Consider While Buying Web Hosting

If you are confused about which Web Hosting Service Provider to choose from the 1000s of companies, we’ll see 7 famous companies that offer web hosting. We will compare all these 7 companies with 13 different important features to consider while purchasing web hosting that is cheap and best web hosting for you.

Here are the 7 companies we’ll see: Please use my affiliate links provided here to support me and my channel at no additional cost to you:
A2 hosting:

Google Domains:

How to buy domain names, from where to buy:

6 things to check before buying domain names:

Table of Contents:
0:00 Intro, headquarters, founding year info
1:25 Assumptions
2:09 13 things to check before purchasing web hosting
2:38 Which web hosting does WordPress recommend?
2:55 Comparison table
3:17 1. Storage disk space
3:52 2. SSD Storage
4:00 3. How many domains hostable?
4:17 4. Free domain with hosting
5:45 5. Email accounts
6:38 6. Uptime guarantee
9:17 7. Money back guarantee
9:58 8. Customer support
11:21 9. Backup
11:51 10. MFA
12:24 11. Free SSL
13:38 12. 1 year cost & 13. Renewal cost
16:07 Common factors
17:50 Final decision

Is “unlimited” really unlimited?

Please note that the details provided in this video are verified at the time of making this video. If there are any mistakes, please let me know and I will mention a note to correct them in my description. I request you to do your due diligence before making any decision. Also, the details outlined in this video may change anytime in the future depending on when or from where you watch this video.
Companies keep adding or stopping their features, changing prices, and if there is any incorrect information in this video, please let me know so I can mention the correction in my description.

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  1. 1000s of web hosting are available, choose any, but check the factors mentioned in this video before buying. All the best!

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    Webhosting 3years expired aviya pirahu athe hosting la than renew panni continue pannanuma illa other web hosting la podalama must reply
    Is there coupon code

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    I am published my book in kdp. End of the many royalty showed rs40,000 but finally they showed 15,000 something. Why this much of different. My friend said they will 60%. Whether it is true

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    Is renewal for every year…. so every year we need to pay around 8000rs.

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