Why securing your servers with the OVH vRack?

Why securing your servers with the OVH vRack?

Learn more about the vRack:
The vRack is a private network technology developed by OVH.com.
From securing your servers to deploying a global infrastructure, find out about everything you can do with the vRack in just 1:30 min.

8 thoughts on “Why securing your servers with the OVH vRack?

  1. ovh says that you have two dedicated servers you can use vRack for free but not, that shit only works if you pay for the fucking vrack, so, why tha' fuck they offers that shit for free ? fuck OVH

  2. Bonjour bonjour OVH L'ARNAQUE,
    J'ai transféré mon blog www.romyandco.com depuis godaddy à vous, ovh, en suivant vos tutos, point par point.
    C'était il y a une semaine.
    Juqu'à ce midi, je ne pouvais pas me connecter à mon blog.
    Je le peux enfin !
    A ma grande suprise, TOUS mes articles ont été supprimés.
    Votre assistant prétend que ce n'est pas de votre ressort.
    Je n'ai jamais effacé un seul de ces articles. C'est vous qui les avait perdus avec le transfert.
    Alors ça serait super de me les rendre.
    Ne m'envoyez pas de lien pour un log ou je ne sais pas quoi comme autre lien dont je m'en fous. Ne m'envoyez rien d'autre que mes articles. Ce n'est pas à moi de réparer votre erreur. Allez vous-même sur mon log, récupérez mes articles, rendez moi mon blog, et tout le monde sera content !


  3. Hello friends from OVH, I'm a client and I have a VPS, but I don't have HTTP service activated, how can I activate it, I am from Mexico. Thank you.

  4. I have all my servers off the air for over 35 hours. Nobody answers anything, nobody knows anything … What the hell is this?

    I'll spam all your social networks until they respond and put my servers in the air.

    I am with more than 3000 customers out of the air, I have already lost about 100 customers per account said !!!!!!!

  5. We have been using the vRack since we first deployed our first server and would not go back. The private network protection is great for protecting our hosts while still allowing access externally where we need to and with our 10Gbit network live migrations between our Openstack hosts are done in less than a minute.. HIghly recommended vRack for anyone who wants fast and private computing.

  6. Do not buy into this business. OVH sells services and then suspends alleging breach of contract. They do not present evidence, nothing. They only suspend the account and do not return the amount paid.


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