Will More RAM and CPU Make Your Website Faster?

Will More RAM and CPU Make Your Website Faster?

Ever wonder if adding more RAM and/or CPU will make your website faster? I ran a set of page speed tests on different web servers running WordPress ranging from 1 GB RAM and 1 CPU core to 8 GB RAM and 4 CPU cores to see if increasing RAM and CPU helps web performance. Hopefully this will give you a better idea about how much RAM/CPU your website needs.

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14 thoughts on “Will More RAM and CPU Make Your Website Faster?

  1. idk for wordpress.but this sure will be problem when u using website base on laravel or something like that in vps server when your input something using cpanel or similliar to it . they sometimes need sufficient hardware to work and dont forget the os u use. ubuntu server sure doesnt need good hardware to run it but if u use cpanel on top of it. u must meet hardware requirement like this https://docs.cpanel.net/installation-guide/system-requirements/. iam sure u will not want end up lag or hang when ur go to cpanel. cpanel ram recomended requirement need 2 gb if you use only 1 gb it will work but lag.

  2. I'd be interested to see a test if RAM speed and timings matter at all. Intuitively speaking that if something should make some kind of difference, as the web browser almost entirely operates from RAM.

  3. More RAM is only useful when we have more logged-in users or host a service that uses resources extensively. Cached resources never going to use extra resources other than the network.

  4. THANK YOU! Saved me a bunch of money on needless upgrades – I'll focus on other things first.

  5. Hi Tony! I am a beginner to all of this. I want to stop using weebly, and use wordpress instead.
    1. How can you host multiple wordpress websites on 1 VPS (Linode)? And how to manage when you own multiple sites. Thinking about buying some expired domain.
    2. Will putting multiple sites on 1 server with 1 IP slow down the server?

  6. Interesting, so that means we need more RAM and CPU on a VPS or dedicated server if we have an ecommerce site or maybe a site with multiple database requests at the same time? I also wonder if a dedicated server would have any noticeable difference for a content-only blog with 50k-100k visits/month, as compared to a managed WordPress hosting provider?

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