Windows Server 2019 How to create a shared folder

Windows Server 2019 How to create a shared folder

Professor Robert McMillen shows you how to create a shared folder in Windows Server 2019 Active Directory.

8 thoughts on “Windows Server 2019 How to create a shared folder

  1. great video but i have question is it possible to access your sharing from internet not local IP? i don't think so!!

  2. Hi there – I am new to windows server 2019 and just followed your tutorial and created the folder and assigned permissions to two staff to access that folder, but all staff are able to see and access that folder. how do I assign just a few staff to a folder?

  3. In our Helpdesk we cannot do this. We must escalate it to Level 2 and they often needs 3 days to 2 weeks to create a shared folder for the user.

  4. Great video's Robert, thank you for making them for us…. on a side note, bad ass pic… if that's you, you should consider becoming a secret agent or super villian or something

  5. We had a need to setup a 2019 server VM off-domain in order to isolate file sharing to some other off-domain pieces of equipment. This off-domain server is able to see the other off-domain shares in order to send files and isolate them to these older Windows machines. We would like to setup a share on the 2019 server and see it from our domain machines, but we cannot get the share visible. We've used the share wizard, manually setting one up and cannot get even get to a log in screen. Also set local security policies, lanserver registry values etc. I would prefer to have the share open to 'Everyone'. An on-domain machine share seems to be no problem but this off-domain machine is. Any help would be much appreciated!

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