Wix vs Squarespace (Best Website Builder 2021)

Wix vs Squarespace (Best Website Builder 2021)

Squarespace or Wix? If you are starting a website, this is likely to be a very important decision for you. Both are powerful and popular among website owners, but what is different about them and which is right for you? In this video, I answer that question for you simply and clearly.


Review Summary:
1. Website construction:
Wix is based on a drag and drop setup while Squarespace is more oriented around a grid system in which you can insert items. While both work well, the Wix system seems to be more intuitive and similar to what many are accustomed to (i.e. similar to the features seen in Microsoft office products, canva.com, etc.) Wix also offers more customization as a result of this style as well. Rather than being limited to a grid, Wix allows you to make your site look EXACTLY as you want it to!
2. Price:
I cannot tell you which is cheaper because depending on when you watch this video, Squarespace may be cheaper than Wix or the other way around. What I can say however is that it is important that you check to verify the price is the monthly price, paid monthly vs the monthly price paid annually. This is a tricky little thing that the site builders do!
3. eCommerce:
As far as ecommerce goes, both website builders are very capable but Squarespace generally has a few more tools, including gift cards, custom receipts, and more of that sort.
4. Blog:
I really like the blog features and layout on Wix, but Squarespace is famous for their blog capabilities. Depending on how large you want your blog to become, it may be worth it to check out WordPress.Org as a blog site (and have it hosted with Blue Host, Host Gator, or Siteground.
5. Styles:
Wix has more templates and allows for more customization for each one, but Squarespace still has quite a few templates! Overall though, if you want a professional personalized website, Wix is a clear choice.

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36 thoughts on “Wix vs Squarespace (Best Website Builder 2021)

  1. Still struggling to decide? Check out our in-depth article: https://santrelmedia.com/wix-vs-squarespace/

  2. If I want to share content and perhaps have others post comments about a particular subject and I want to continually work on it to add content, Wix or Squarespace? Or would Facebook be better? Am a beginner.

  3. Is Wix the best for selling photo art prints? Just want a clean, simple look. Nothing complicated, just white background and the photos with titles and sizes available. Also, very important, a good easy to use e-commerce platform, AND good live support that actually takes PHONE CALLS and assists in real time. I'm leaning toward WIX, but what do you recommend for my needs? Thanks, great video!

  4. I'm looking for making an e-commerce website such as dropshipping and affiliate marketing… But do you think using Wix is the best choice or I should go to another site?

    Thank you, Santrel Media.

  5. You do this backwards. You should guide people to figure out what they will need in a site, then to make the choice of builder company. Thus "choose the right template to start" is nonsense advice. No new user can choose what site setup they will want, they will always rethink it later. And stop saying "a little bit …" that is bs terminology.

  6. Can you please shed some light on why the Wix website we have created for a not-for-profit sector, is not visible on any Tablet or iPad. It is on a mobile phone but not on other devices. Do we need the paid version of Wix or is it just not possible to launch on an iPad or Tablet. Mobile smart phone is fine. Would appreciate your feedback ASAP. Thank you, Helen

  7. If you want your style to be Apple, the best design in the world (a pretty good bet), do squarespace. If you want your own design because your style is different than Apple's and you don't want to plagiarize, then do Wix.

  8. Please stop endorsing either of these two companies unless you don't care about your SEO. Both are horrible choices if you care about being found. Instead, endorse a self install of WordPress.

  9. i have a question if i buy the wix premium plan for e-commerce and online business does that mean that those facilities will be available for other websites on the same account ? i don't know yet whether I can host 2 websites from a single account yet so that's why I'm asking .
    And also in terms of the SEO assistance which website builder has better response and effectiveness ?
    someone please let me know

  10. I have spent more time fixing issues with Wix than promoting my sites. When my contract ends, will not be renewing. Big waste of time and money.

  11. Thank you for the video, it helped a lot and you covered all the points that helped me make my decision. Subscribing to you

  12. The best website builder BY A MILE is Simvoly – go check it out and stopo with that redicilous platforms like Wix and Squarespace, they are trash.

  13. Hi! I'm part of a group in college and besides using it as a blog, we want to put some study material (like images, games, texts…) on a website so teachers can download it and use it with their students at school. Which website builder do you think it would be better? Thank you from Brazil!

  14. The inability on Squarespace to create custom shipping options individually for each product is driving me mad (you can only set it by weight), and making me seriously consider switching. Can you create custom shipping options individual to each product on Wix?

  15. DO NOT USE WIX! YOU WILL REGRET IT AFTER PAYMENT ONCE YOU NEED TO NEED HELP WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have never been so furious in my life! All I have been trying to do is to get their updated Paypal payment information (which noone seems to have) so that I can retrieve an expired domain. The customer service at WIX is the absolute worst I have ever experienced!! When you finally get through a human customer service, you get to realize that they have only been trained to say "appropriate" things such as "we have escalated your problem and put it as priority" however, they say this for every single problem with absolutely nothing being done. It's all a scam to get them to email you which they get about to doing minimum of 4 days per email with no real resolution. You find out that you it takes minimum a month to solve your issues due to the long response process. The customer service you get to speak with on the phone never have a solution and every issue is always not within their power so what is their point? I am just furious!!

  16. Great overview man… setting up my Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching site… using squarespace at the moment, find it a bit annoying with spacers and quite un intuitive (better than wordpress though) .

    One thing about the more restrictive nature of squarespace though, as a beginner it might help your stick to tested layouts , fonts etc

    From a background in photoshops, where using layers etc makes everything fluid, Wix seems more "artistic" and with less block to be encountered.

    Of course, everything is tough when you are just learning it, so once I get into squarespace maybe I'll be evangelical about how great it is… but it really seems for a beginner Wix might be easier .

    Thanks for the presentation, great job, great manner… really clear

  17. I have always used WIX for my official YouTube channel website. Even for a 9 year-old it's really simple and easy to use 👍

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