WordPress Migration to Plesk (Vultr, Digital Ocean, etc.) With Zero Downtime

WordPress Migration to Plesk (Vultr, Digital Ocean, etc.) With Zero Downtime

Today you’ll learn to transfer a WordPress site from any host over to a Plesk server. This is very useful if you’re thinking of running WordPress on a VPS like Vultr, Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS etc. We will go through two free methods, and work through common issues when performing a WordPress migration.

A great way to try out Plesk is with a 30 day trial with Vultr:

(You’ll automatically get a $100 credit to use for your first 30 days, no code needed – thanks Vultr!)

If you’ve never tried setting up Plesk on a VPS before, try my previous tutorial:

For many of you, it may be worth getting an experience freelancer to do this job for you. As discussed, there are some very affordable options on Fiverr:

Also, if you just need good WordPress hosting, and don’t want to worry about the migration process or running your own server – there are still plenty of good options:

As mentioned in the video, editing the hosts file on Mac can be done like this:

The two part Install method instructions for Duplicator can be found here:

0:00 Intro Plesk Migration Tutorial
3:53 Cheap Freelance Options on Fiverr
4:57 Method 1: All-in-One Migration Plugin
10:45 Editing hosts file in Windows
11:46 Editing the hosts file on Mac
12:08 Method 1: All-in-one Migration – importing the site
17:20 Method 2: Duplicator Plugin
24:52 Duplicator Two Part Install – Alternative method, brief overview
27:46 Conclusions & Further Learning

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5 thoughts on “WordPress Migration to Plesk (Vultr, Digital Ocean, etc.) With Zero Downtime

  1. Great video, Can I get plesk with cloudways?
    I'm not sure what to do right now,should get hosting straight from vultr or cloudways?
    Cloudways have some extra benifits.

  2. I am trying to migrate a website and got the error browser is not accepting cookie on wordpress login when using plesk given address. It seems to be a known bugs that happens when you didnt point your domain to plesk yet. Do you have solution to this?

  3. Thanks! Can you please do more Vultr & WP tutorials but with good FREE hosting control panels – without any limitations.

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