WordPress Plugins & Widgets - What you NEED to Know

WordPress Plugins & Widgets – What you NEED to Know

In this webinar, HostGator experts will break down everything you need to know about WordPress plugins. And their trusty sidekick – widgets!

What you will learn:
How to choose plugins
Which plugins you need & which ones you don’t
How to make sure they are compatible
What are widgets
How to use widgets to customize your website

How & Why to Back Up your Site:
Why you should Back Up your WordPress Website:
How To Back Up your Site Without Plugins:
WordPress Backup Plugins:

Helpful Links:
Official WordPress Plugin Directory:
Popular Plugins Here:
List of Webinars:
Difference Between Plugins and Widgets:
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7 thoughts on “WordPress Plugins & Widgets – What you NEED to Know

  1. No "Add New" button pops open for me when I hover or click on Plug ins. I had to manually type in the URL shown in your demo to get my plug in search bar to pop open. This is something that needs to be fixed.

    Thank you for this video and please let me know if there is anything wrong with my settings that the add new plug options won't pop up.

  2. Hello,

    Can you please advice if I want to make conditional variations, which means on the e-commerce website I'm selling paints, I want the droplist options for the customer to be 1st(Frame, not Framed) if the customer selects framed he should see 2 more options which are frame color and size, and if the customer selects no frame he will get only 1 variation which is size.

    so how can I do this conditional variations?

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  4. Do not use host gator! They scammed me multiple times and I am in the process of redesigned my site. My lawyer and I are also filing multiple complaints against their fraudulent behavior.

  5. Smush is a great plugin for minimizing. however make sure you have the original images on your computer and/or hosted online somewhere because once they are compressed an resized they are virtually useless for larger backgrounds or even Parallax applications . At least from my experience using page builders

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