WordPress Speed Optimization: How I Got .5s Load Times

WordPress Speed Optimization: How I Got .5s Load Times

A simple guide to WordPress speed optimization and how to make slow websites load faster.

1. SiteGround was rated the #1 host in 30+ Facebook polls (polls here:
2. P3 Plugin doesn’t work anymore (use GTmetrix Waterfall or Query Monitor plugin to find your slowest loading plugins)
3. WP Rocket was rated the #1 cache plugin in most Facebook polls and has options to setup Cloudflare + StackPath CDN, plus other features most cache plugins don’t have (lazy load, database cleanup, hosting Google Analytics locally). If you use WP Rocket you don’t need WP-Optimize for database cleanup.
4. MaxCDN got bought out by StackPath:
5. My new GTmetrix report (OMM is my main site):

My WordPress speed optimization tutorial shows you how to fix items in your GTmetrix report (and other speed testing tools). I cover minify, caching, image optimization, content delivery network and much more.

I would start with the free stuff, then move on to paid solutions like faster hosting or MaxCDN (now StackPath). Also, if after configuring WP Fastest Cache you still see minify, caching, add expires header, or specify a cache validator items in GTmetrix, I recommend configuring WP Rocket instead, then using these settings:

Deactivate/replace plugins: 1:02
Faster hosting: 2:31
Cloudflare: 3:57
Cache plugin + MaxCDN: 4:48
Serve scaled images: 8:11
Specify Image dimensions: 9:52
Lossless image compress: 10:09
WP Optimize to delete garbage: 11:32
Update WordPress: 12:14
Lightweight WordPress theme: 12:56

MaxCDN (Now StackPath CDN):
WP Rocket:
WP Fastest Cache Tutorial:
StudioPress themes:

Yes, I used affiliate links… I also donate $3,000/year to GoFundMe campaigns, so I appreciate you using them

Have questions about your WordPress speed? Leave a comment and I’ll be glad to answer them.


39 thoughts on “WordPress Speed Optimization: How I Got .5s Load Times

  1. Warning: P3 plugin is too outdated to be usable… I've just installed it and it screwed up my site… took almost an hour to make it back again. So if you wanna check performance of your plugin, use Query Monitor instead!

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  3. I have 22 plugins installed and my pie graph (2:00) is showing me one plugin which is P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler). Plus, this plugin was Last Updated: 5 years ago

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  5. Hmm…results on the site of mine I tested say the slowest plug in is P3 Plugin Profiler…site loads in under half a second…But on several other sites of mine, this info was extremely helpful..Thank you.

  6. 25 an hours for s dude from India? SEOClerks has dozens of guys that can do the same thing for 15 bucks…. not an hour….. And siteground sucks balls. Show us some benchmarks….. and ill show you how my 3 dollar a month host blows siteground away…. this video is just an ad spam hole…..

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  8. It may be that this p3 plugin helped at 2016, but now (2019) the pluging info box says that it is last updated 4 years ago, so i think it is not worth any more.

  9. Awesome tutorial. it works. thanks a lot. Please make a video on Webp images and also how to convert all images to webp in wordpress. Thanks again

  10. nice one, i was also able to link Cloudflare cdn with the supercache plugin all free, all free, no need for paid plans..

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  12. Hi Elevating WP, who would you recommend for helping us improve our google ranking on freelancer? Cheers and great video

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  14. Thank you very much, your video helped me a lot. And this other video below also helped me a lot, I bought it for a very low price and I recommend it to everyone!

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  15. Thanks a lot for the video dude. I like the way you explain things which is more down to earth. Anyways a few questions. I see that you explain how to use Cloudflare as a CDN on SiteGround at minute 4 and then jump to explaining about using MaxCDN on minute 5:45, so I wanted to know whether or not you are suggesting we use both CDNs (Cloudflare and MaxCDN) or just one of the CDNs? I am using SiteGround and Cloudflare at the moment by the way.

    Also wondering what your thoughts are on the following: Revolution Slider is a resource intensive slider plugin and I bet it even uses more resources when serving up videos such as MP4 videos right? So what I wanted to know was whether or not I would see site and slider plugin speed increases if instead of uploading my MP4 video and self hosting it on Revolution Slider through WordPress I would instead just load the MP4 video on my YouTube account as a private video and then provide the YouTube private video link via pasting it on the Revolution Slider plugin?

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