WP Engine Hosting Review in 2020 🔥 A Comprehensive & Unbiased Review ★★★★

WP Engine Hosting Review in 2020 A Comprehensive & Unbiased Review ★★★★

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Transcript for WP Engine Hosting Review in 2020

Hey guys, Taylor here with another web hosting video. And if you’re out there interested in creating your own website content, then I have a fantastic web hosting service for you. And that’s WP Engine. So today we’re going to be reviewing WP Engine, talking about some of its features, and also why it might be a good fit for your particular situation. I’ll include links to WP Engine down below, along with any deals, discounts or coupon codes that might not be available on their website. So feel free to take a look down there and take advantage of those discounts if you like. Now, if you are interested in developing your own website, you’re probably aware that there is a lot of hosting services available. And some of those range from very bad to excellent. And just from the start, I have to say that WP Engine definitely falls on the excellent side of things have excellent features and a great reputation among enterprises, marketers and developers. It also has top notch security, tons of fantastic plugins and seamless transition of installations from free to paid plans. Now, that’s not to say it’s completely perfect. There are definitely some caveats if you are interested in WP Engine, but stay tuned because I’m going to go into a little bit more detail about what those features and benefits are. Along with those caveats that I mentioned, obviously, you want your website to be safe, and all of your user data to be protected. Well, if that’s something you’re concerned about, then you’ll definitely appreciate the availability of secure socket layer SSL, SSL certificates guarantee the security of your customer data. And along with those SSL certificates, WP Engine also continuously updates its firewalls and performs daily malware scans. It also uses ever cache technology. And basically that takes care of the back end object page and database caching. So what that means for the user is it translates into a fast delivery of static content. In terms of development tools. WP Engine also makes things incredibly easy for you, they have a one click development area, and that allows users to try their site before going live. It also has a one click Restore option, so that you make sure that any changes won’t have a ripple effect through the rest of your website. Now one thing I will say that if you’re interested in WP Engine, this is definitely more for advanced users. There is a steep learning curve here. But if you’re willing to put the time in there is a plethora of information like checklists and a robust knowledge base that can help you get started and troubleshoot any of those kinds of issues as you go along. In terms of navigation, you’ll find everything super easy to navigate here, the dashboard is very responsive, and it makes it easy to get things done quickly. Also, if you do have an existing WordPress website, WP engine will let you move that pre existing website with ease with a simple migration plugin, and that automates the entire process. Now obviously, when you’re developing a website, it’s important to have reliable and efficient support available to you. And WP Engine definitely provides that. First of all, there is no shortage of articles that are available online. If you have any questions, chances are you’ll be able to find your answer there. But on top of that there is support via email ticketing, live chat, or even on the phone. The ticketing support is available 24 seven, and you can contact phone support. And that’s available between 9am and 6pm. And also the live chat is available from 6am to 8pm. central time, those experts are fantastic at answering any of your questions and making sure that you get unstuck from whatever problem you’re facing. Now in terms of pricing. WP Engine has four hosting plans. And this is going to depend on your particular needs. And what level of development you’re looking at getting into these plans include startup growth, scale and custom the startup plan. It’s basically suitable for like a smaller blog or a small website that gets you one website three environments… run out of the 5k character limit, sorry guys.


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