26 thoughts on “Yii2 Advance Lesson 5 Url Manager For Better SEO Friendly Urls

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  2. Hi tutorial is very good. But I am using modular coding. Means my every controller is inside a module. So how can I achieve this SEO Friendly url. My sample url is http://localhost/advanced/frontend/web/home/test/view?id=1. Here "HOME" is a module and test is a controller and view is method and parameter is id=1. I like to remove this id=1. How can it be achievable.

  3. It is not working in my case.
    When http://localhost/advanced/frontend/web/index.php/site/site/about is this it is working fine. Here first site is name of module and second one name of controller. My htaccess file is this
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d

    RewriteRule ^(.*)?*$ index.php?r=$1 [L,QSA]

  4. Clear structured and very good understandable Yii2 video tutorials you are making!

    Many thanks and greetings to Sri Lanka, i guess you are from there.

    Tip for you: https://github.com/luyadev/luya .. great yii2 based application framework with greetings from swiss 🙂

  5. Hi ! Thanks for the videos. Can you please make a video about counting online logged in users on yii2 please !!

  6. Holly shit, you are awesome man, this URLManager was driving me crazy, REALLY, thanks for your tutorials. I learned Yii2 thanks to you.

  7. You are brilliant! A great communicator. A great web developer. A great teacher. Thank you for putting out this great tutorial series.

  8. Hey man great videos you're making. Love the advanced tuts. somehow I didnt get any sound in all 5 videos except the 2nd one(uses module by dektrium). is it on my end or yours?

  9. First of all congratulations on the great tutorials Yii2 .
    Appreciate a complete and advanced tutorial on Yii2 RBAC that the use of rules is included , in order to limit each user only puediese modify records that are owned , an administrator with permission to all, or a moderator sections.
    Thank you, and greetings .
    Fonso .

  10. Hi! Can you please make a video about handling errors on Yii2?
    For example if user cals a page or controller which doesnt exist, how to
    catch it and send to specific page.

  11. Sir , Can you make a portfolio website in yii with customized css . please it will help me to make my portfolio :).

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