yii2 working with request - yii2 tutorials | part 8

yii2 working with request – yii2 tutorials | part 8

The video covers the following topics:

How to access GET and POST data from the request.
How to handle a request made with ContentType: application/json.
How to handle PUT/DELETE and other types of requests.
How to get parts of the request URL: Hostname, query string and so on.
How to get headers of the request.
How to detect the method and type of the request.
How to get User Agent, User IP and so on.

Official documentation about request:
Request component API documentation:

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  1. Excellent, Thank you a lot … I am a beginner in programming with Yii and it has been a little hard because your ritm is some fast for me… Keep going

  2. Thank you sir… please make more videos on this framework. you have amazing teaching skill..keep it up…subscribed…

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