You Can't Setup Cluster in Azure Or Can You? | Shared Disks

You Can't Setup Cluster in Azure Or Can You? | Shared Disks

You Can’t Setup Cluster in Azure Or Can You? | Shared Disks digs into different Clusters you can so in Azure like File Cluster, Scale-Out File Server, SQL Fail Over Cluster SQL FCI and what they all have in common in the need for Shared Disk. Lets Jump into it Today at The Azure Academy! Azure shared disks is a new feature for Azure managed disks that allows you to attach a managed disk to multiple virtual machines (VMs) simultaneously. Attaching a managed disk to multiple VMs allows you to either deploy new or migrate existing clustered applications to Azure.

0:00 Intro
1:07 #1 AZ Cluster Basics
2:45 #2 Build Az Resources
8:10 #3 Setup the Cluster
13:30 #4 Automate Everything
15:14 Happy Learning!

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12 thoughts on “You Can't Setup Cluster in Azure Or Can You? | Shared Disks

  1. Hi Dean and thanks for you channel. What it's with oracle cluster, it's possible on azure? Oracle documentation to create cluster say:
    VIP based failover  which means Active/Passive cluster configuration. Database is using Local Data Guard.
    VIP (Virtual IP & virtual hostname) can be created by any of the clusterware software only.

    But on azure all ip are virtual. What i need to create a cluster on azure?

  2. Does this allow for Azure Backup to properly backup the disk behind the shared cluster? Currently Azure Backup documentation states that Clustered Shared Volumes are not supported and I was hoping to work out a solution between either Azure File Shares or the shared disks but it doesn't appear shared disks would be supported. Your take?
    Thank you for the video, really helps tie together the existing documentation with a real world application.

  3. Hi Dean. Azure does not allow virtual IP addresses, don’t you need to setup a LB with the same IP, as your virtual file server?

  4. Hi Dean,
    Does this feature need to be registered for preview or something?
    When I provisioned that using your Github link, an error indicates that "This subscription is not registered to use Microsoft.Compute/SharedDisksForPremium feature."

  5. Is it possible not to use iLB and for SQL Availability Group in Azure? I noticed this sofs is not required to use iLB

  6. Great stuff Dean!! But what about Storage Spaces Direct? You can create a SOFS without shared disk using S2D. Any recommendations on which approach is better?

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